Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New To Blogging? Watch This Video!

If you are not sure what a blog is or how it works, the video called Blogs in Plain English will help. This video explains why blogs are such a "big deal." To view the video, just click on the large arrow in the middle of the video window below.

Whole-House Surge Protection

It's important to protect all your electronic devices, not just computers, from surges. Printers, televisions, appliances, and computer peripherals all require protection. However, it can be inconvenient to use individual surge protectors an all devices that need protection. One solution is to install a whole-house surge protector as shown in this photo. The device  is installed by an electrician and is attached to your circuit breaker panel. Whole-house surge protectors function like other surge protection devices, but they protect all electrical devices in the house at once. The typical cost of $200 to $300 (installed) is generally less than buying individual surge protectors for every electrical device in your house.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Newegg, the Good Egg

The shopping site that has become an IT's wonderland is called Newegg. They have fantastic deals daily. Shopping for blank DVD's? You are sure to find something along the line of 200 for $30. That cannot be beat. Watch out though, deals change regularly.

Microsoft Vs. Google

The controversy surrounding Microsoft deriding Google over it's new policy of making merchandisers pay to list their goods in Google's shopping section has gone too far. Especially considering the fact that Microsoft is well known for their money hungry ways. In my humble opinion, they are simply jealous because their search engine, Bing, is nothing compared to the results one gets with Google. Get over yourselves, Microsoft.

TigerDirect for Great Deals

We are all on the lookout for a place to find great deals and better products. Look no further. TigerDirect is a site that offers both. Here, one can find anything from home entertainments systems, to laptops, to digital cameras. You also get to read reviews from actual customers on the different products, and shipping is always free. I myself have been a loyal customer for several years and have been exceedingly pleased. They have knowledgeable and courteous customer service, and warranties that make the competition weep. So, when you are looking for great electronics and computer "stuff", give them a look-see!

The Current Blah...

I think I have spent so much time being stressed out that I am reaching a crescendo. I recognize that I need something to help release, and have been very interested in starting yoga and Tai Chi. To me, this is ironic. In the last week, I have been researching the Eat Right By Your Blood Type craze. And, according to this diet and my blood type both yoga and Tai Chi are perfect stress relievers for my system.

The End...

I will be graduating December 17. While I loved my time here at TTC, I am really excited! I plan to take some time off to kind of shift gears before actively seeking employment. I am going to be making some lifestyle changes regarding diet and exercise, and am going to delve back into writing. Also, I will be working on a natural bath and body line.